Welcome to my online, open source zettelkasten

Why am I doing this?

I've recently become interested in creating a digital Zettelkasten I can use to supercharge future projects. Instead of keeping everything to myself in my notes app, I think there's real value in making my thinking public.

‚ÄčBrett Bivens talks a lot about creative compounding and "the digital Bannister effect" which applies to knowledge as much as it does to sports. By making my learning public, I'm hoping I can accelerate my personal growth in a similar way.

Who is this for?

Really, this is a place for me to curate and evolve my knowledge, and make it shareable. Some of it probably won't make sense to everyone, but if other people get some value out of it, that's great.

I've unashamedly borrowed parts of the structure and layout for this wiki from brendex and Nikita Voloboev's Everything I know. Make sure you check them out.