weekly review

My weekly GTD review checklist.

David Allen says if you're not doing your weekly review, you're not doing GTD. I've been updating and tweaking mine for more than a decade, but after reading Tiago Forte's article on how he treats his as his operating system, I've settled on these steps (for now, anyway):

  • Process my email inboxes (work, personal)

  • Process my Slack mentions, DMs and unreads

  • Process my social media notifications and messages

  • Check my calendar (-2/+4 weeks)

  • Clear my computer downloads folder

  • Clear my phone downloads folder

  • Review my financial transactions

  • Process my Evernote inbox

  • Process my Todoist inbox

  • Review my Projects list

  • Review my "Larger Outcomes" lists

  • Purge my Pocket unread articles

  • Review my "Waiting For" list for follow-ups

  • Decide on my top three priorities for the coming week

  • Schedule some focus time in my calendar for my priorities